V Type (one size only, for 2-3 cups)

The V-type filter has a projection (foot) on the outside of the filter.

The filter has a protrusion (foot part) on the outer surface so that it can be placed directly on a cup or server.

Please use coarsely ground beans (sesame seed size).

<Guideline for use

Amount of beans used: 25~35g

Extraction volume: 400~450ml

Extraction time: 30 seconds for steaming + 4~4 minutes 30 seconds for extraction

If you are concerned about clogging, you can use a paper filter.

Product Information

Size: Regular (for 2~3 cups)

Outer diameter: approx. 12 cm

Outer diameter: approx. 12 cm

Shipping cost

Shipping】 500 yen (excluding tax)