Web exclusive] LOCA Ceramic Filter & Sghr Handmade Server Set [Clear]. LOCA & Sghr Handmade Server Set <Clear>

LOCA Designer's Version

The designer's version, which was very popular at last year's limited sale, has finally been commercialized and put on the market.

The glass server is made by "sghr" brand (Sugawara Kogei Glass), which is highly regarded overseas as well as Fujiyama Glass. It is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen. This is the flagship model of LOCA, which pursues a beautiful form for interior decoration. It is also recommended as a gift.

The design is by TAKT PROJECT, an up-and-coming design firm that has worked on SONY products.

The stylish design combines functionality and beauty of form, and is highly compatible with interior decorations and other coffee utensils, upgrading your daily coffee life by one or two more levels.

Product Usage

Please use coarsely ground coffee beans (sesame seed size).

<Guideline for use

Amount of beans used: 25~35g

Extraction volume: 400~450ml

Extraction time: 30 seconds for steaming + 4~4 minutes 30 seconds for extraction

Product Information

<Ceramic filter V type

Size: Regular (for 2~3 cups)

Size: Regular (for 2~3 cups), Outer diameter: Approx. 12cm

<Special glass server

Color: Clear (Two colors are available: tan and black)

Height: approx. 13 cm

Height: approx. 13 cm ・Bottom: approx. 15 cm

List price: 12,000 yen (13,200 yen including tax)

Shipping cost

Shipping】 Nationwide flat rate 660 yen

This product is expected to be delivered in approximately 2 weeks from the time of order.

Please note that the delivery time may vary depending on the order status. We appreciate your understanding in advance.